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Lift Inverters

Central India's leading manufacturers of Inverters, UPS & Batteries. A SSI unit successfully providing cost effective solutions to minimize the problems faced due to power cuts & voltage fluctuations. To minimize the wastage of time & money due to erratic power supply we provide a wide range of quality products backed up with the latest technologies & trust built through performance.

We manufacture & supply the following range of back-up products:-

  • Digital Home UPS: 150/ 300/ 400/ 500/ 650/ 900 VA
  • Sine Wave Home UPS: 650/ 900/ 1600/ 2500/ 3500 VA
  • AVR based line interactive systems: 600/ 1000/ 2000 VA
  • 1 phase in/ 1 phase out Online UPS & Inverters: 1 ~ 15 WA
  • 3 phase in/ 1 phase out Online UPS & Inverters: 5 — 30 WA
  • 3 phase in/ 3 phase out Online UPS & Inverters: 5- 60 WA
  • 3 phase in/ 3 phase out Lift Inverters: 7.5 - 45 WA

Our Moto:-

To manufacture & distribute UPS, inverters & batteries of the best quality based on the latest successful technology.

Our Strength:-

Highly qualified engineers with rich experience to keep ahead with technology & excellence adhering to international standards.

Welcome to JK Power Guard

We introduce ourselves as the leading & only ISO 9001 certified inverter, UPS & battery manufacturer of Central India. We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying Lift Backup Systems or Lift Inverters that are based on the most trusted and advanced technologies. We are associated with many reputed builders & we have provided them effective power backup solutions.



Following are the advantages of providing power backup in schemes:-

  • It attracts customers & increases the credibility of builders.
  • No need to reduce rates of flats on higher floors & suffer losses.
  • One lift inverter can also be used for 2 lifts by using a manual change over.
  • Increases customer satisfaction as well as profit margins.
  • Additional loads like corridor lights,boring/ well pump etc. can also be connected.
  • If we divide the Lift Inverter price with the super built up area of a scheme, the cost increases very marginally & one gains all the above mentioned advantages.

Convinience Guarnteed

JKP'S Lift Invertes

JKP's lift inverters run on ultra low maintenance long life tubular batteries & it's running cost can be less than 90% of fuel run generator. The biggest advantage of a lift inverter is that it discharges the battery only when the lift is in use, although the generator consumes fuel as long as there is a power cut even though the lift is stationary. Maintenance cost of a lift inverter even under daily use is as low as Rs.9 per day whereas generator maintenance cost such as change of oil,fuel filter,air filter,oil filter etc. prove very costly. Normally after the builder hands over the society maintenance,attendant,fuel & its storage costs put a heavy burden on the society. People living on higher floors suffer due to this. Lift inverter puts an end to such maintenance,running & attendant costs.

Salient Features :-

Ecofriendly, highly reliable design for heavy duty 3 Phase / Lift Applications. Regulated 3 Phase pure sine wave output. Smart Overload, Battery Deep discharge & Short circuit protection. Wide Input Window, Automatic Protection for high and low voltage. Great power saving, advance battery management with intelli- battery sense. Runs all your three phase balanced and unbalanced loads. User friendly operation with self diagonostic display. Soft start and Cold start facility. Compact & sleek design.


Following are the advantages of a LIFT INVERTER in comparison to a Generator:-


No sound & air POLLUTION.


No frequency/coltage variations.


Completely AUTOMATIC, no attendant required.


No FUEL AND OIL storage, handling,transportation, spillage or theft expenses.


No moveable parts, solid state device which is HIGHLY RELIABLE.


Easy installation & no approval required from electricity board for installation.


No costly MAINTENACE expenses like changes of oil, fuel filter, air filter,oil filter.


Charging expenses very less in comparison to ever increasing fuel and oil prices.


  • Technology : IGBT Double Conversion
  • Harmonic Distortion : Less than 3% on Linear Load
  • Inverter Efficiency : >90%
  • Audible Noise: Less than 45 dB at 1 Meter
  • Relative Humidity : Maximum 95% non-condensing.
  • Thermal Management : Forced fan cooling.
  • I/P MODE- Input Supply 3Ph., 4 Wire,295 V- 485 VAC, 50 Hz ± 10%
  • O/P MODE- 400/415 VAC, 50Hz ± 0.5Hz, Pore Sine Wave.
Sr Model DC Volts
1 JK-7500 LI 72/96
2 JK-8500 LI 96
3 JK-10000 LI 96/120
4 JK-12500 LI 120/180
5 JK-15000 LI 144/180
6 JK-20000 LI 180/240
7 JK-25000 LI 300/360
8 JK-30000 LI 360